District heating in Växjö

Sandviksverket is our fossil fuel-free cogeneration plant. A cogeneration plant generates both heat and electricity, making it extremely energy efficient.

Sandviksverket has several different units for district heating and electricity production. The raw material is comprised of 100% renewable biofuel from the forest. This fuel is made up of branches, treetops and other harvesting residues from the forests of Småland that would otherwise have gone to waste. The investment in biofuel has helped to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels in Växjö municipality by 70 percent per capita since 1993.

This means that we are helping to fulfil Växjö municipality’s goal of a fossil fuel-free Växjö and the vision of becoming Europe’s greenest city. Moreover, once the biofuel has been combusted, the ashes are returned to the forest, thereby helping to reduce acidification in nature. This closed cycle enables Växjö Energi to contribute to a sustainable society and a cleaner environment both locally and globally, in other words, benefitting not only Växjö, but also our entire planet.

About one third of our production is electricity and the other two thirds heat. The heat is delivered to our district heating customers and the electricity is sold to the electricity market (not to end customers). Our electricity production corresponds to about half of the electricity consumed in the city of Växjö.