The company

Since being founded in 1887, Växjö Energi has worked close to everyone who lives and works in Växjö. Even though much else has changed since then, our mission remains the same. We are fully focused on making everyday life that bit better for our customers – in the most resource-efficient way possible and without compromising the future.

Electricity and district heating

Växjö Energi is an energy and communication company owned by Växjö municipality. A company that takes its social responsibilities extremely seriously. These responsibilities include producing district heating and electricity at Sandviksverket, our biofuel-fired cogeneration plant. We are also responsible for expanding the district heating network. Parallel to all this, we ensure that the people of Växjö have access to power through our electricity supply network.

Fiber for everyone

Another important business area is Wexnet, which is tasked with delivering broadband in both urban and rural areas. We are expanding our broadband network at a rapid rate in Alvesta, Lessebo, Tingsryd and Växjö. Wexnet’s open municipal network ensures free competition between different providers, enabling customers to choose which service provider or services best meet their particular needs and preferences.