We believe in the power of working together

Making your everyday life brighter, warmer and more connected is our most important job. Behind the scenes, we work around the clock to keep our communities up and running. However, we are also working towards something bigger – a sustainable Växjö. As a Växjö Energi customer, you help to ensure a different, even greener future.

Since December 2019, our entire operations are fossil free. All of our district heating, district cooling and electricity are produced from renewable biofuel from the forest. This fuel is made up of branches, treetops and other harvesting residues from the forests of Småland that would otherwise have gone to waste.

100 % renewable heat

As one of our customers, you get access to both renewable and locally produced heat while also supporting renewable electricity production. An efficient and sustainable energy solution that is safe, simple and local.

The fossil-free operations encompass not only the fossil-free production at all our production plants, but also the rest of our operations, including our fossil-free vehicle fleet, ranging from service trucks and loaders to leaf blowers.