District heating in Ingelstad

The plant in Ingelstad has been completely fossil fuel free since 2012, when the Eo1 oil was replaced with biodiesel (RME). This means that all of the fuel used here is renewable.

About 150 customers get their heat from the plant, with the largest customer being Vidingehem. The network encompasses 11,167 metres of piping with a total volume of 63 cubic metres.

The plant was commissioned in 1996 and was fitted with a JF Integral boiler with an output of 1 MW for wood fuel together with a VEÅ oil-fired boiler with an output of 2 MW. In 2006, the plant was supplemented with a Teem pellet-fired boiler with an output of 0.7 MW. In conjunction with this, the oil-fired boiler was replaced with a new 3.5 MW boiler.

Both biofuel-fired boilers are operational during the winter, although one is enough to meet demand during the summer. Multi-cyclones are used to treat the flue gases from the biofuel-fired boilers. The plant also has a backup generator to maintain the heating supply in the event of a power outage.

The plant produces about 9.5 GWh/year, replacing about 1,000 cubic metres of heating oil with biofuel. The raw material for the 1 MW boiler is comprised of 100% renewable biofuel from the forest, such as branches, treetops and other residues from the forests of Småland. At peak demand, about 40 cubic metres are consumed per day, with annual consumption totalling about 10,000 cubic metres. The 0.7 MW boiler is fired with wood pellets.